About Janet

Coming from both the banking and the real estate industries, she experienced Miami's expansion from its inception. Engaged in the city's growth from a tropical hotspot, to a melting pot filled with culture, innovation, and art. Passionate for personal connection and committed to success drives Janet to consistently exceed the investment and lifestyle goals of every one of her clients.

Currently working as a Broker Associate with Real Estate Transaction, Inc. A proven market leader for the last 35 years. Their hands-on involvement with the development and marketing of residential condominiums in Miami–Dade County has won the companywide respect. Combining her native knowledge and vast work experience, not only will she select the best luxury real estate opportunities, but the Miami lifestyle that coincides with it for each individual client she serves.

There is no other South Florida realtor that understands the profound benefits of an investment like Janet Hoyos. Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, the affable Hoyos, a former bank manager, and seasoned luxury realtor, can help the discerning investor understand the market and lifestyle they are buying and select the right real estate opportunities.

“Behind every business transaction, there’s a deeper human dream and that’s what I care the most about,” said Hoyos. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.